Bearing Maintenance

Bearings are at the heart of every machine in every factory on every industrial application. They need regular maintenance and inspections in order to keep your plant up and running, 

Wardynamech Engineers can identify when bearings are worn and are ready to fail.

Our technicians have the skills and capabilities to replace all types and sizes of bearings and have the tools and techniques to remove existing and to fit new.

Seized components - Our engineers are trained In the removal of components which are seized, this may be due to no lubrication or maintenance which has resulted in excessive heat transfer or these mechanical components are beyond their service life, whatever the scenario, rest assured Wardynamech have the engineering solution. 

We have systems in place to monitor bearing temperatures our control systems can be added into your existing systems and allow you, the client, to see what temperatures your bearings are operating at.

We keep a stock of bearings and have access to our great suppliers who support us 24/7.

Feel free to call us 01254 679236

Or drop us an email Info@wardynamech.co.uk


WardynaMech have a wealth of experience in Industrial mechanical applications

With great technical support from the other companies in the group, we can offer complete turn-key engineering solutions to all manufacturing industries/activities. If you have an issue with your machinery or you would like assistance with a new design or application, then please call us on 01254 679236

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